Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Xanagale: warred village, resettled

[Thanks to Dave S's comment on the Evretou photo blog, I will try to give each site photo blog a proper introduction; until then, I'll cross-post the introductory posts from Cultural Heritage in Conflict (or samarkeolog).]

As I recorded in my fieldwork notes about Xanagale (also known as Cepür, Cupar and Xanegela),
[it] was evacuated and destroyed in 1993 or 1994, then later rebuilt and resettled. I understand that the village was 'destroyed, with machine, with fire, with all kinds of things', (something like, 'götürdü, makinesiyle, ateşli, her çeşitli şeyi').
I have a new personal page presenting photographs with mainly descriptive notes about them for the resettled warred village, Xanagale: cultural heritage and community.

I'm still toying with the colour suites I'm putting together to help distinguish between my personal and research pages, so (over and above the photographs themselves), it may be less than easy on the eye for a while.

[This was originally posted on samarkeolog on 11th June 2007.]

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